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Extend four DVI-D video, USB Keyboard-Mouse, and stereo audio signals up to 245 feet with HDBaseT technology.


Using HDBaseT technology, the LDX-4P DVI extender is capable of sending quad DVI-D signals up to 245 feet over four conventional and inexpensive CAT5e/6 cables. HDBaseT technology is superior to older DVI extenders that require a special Cat6 shielded cable to go a short distance. The LDX-4P also has USB keyboard and mouse, audio and RS-232 extension, giving users the ability to control displays or devices remotely.


  • Extends dual DVI-D up to 245 feet from the source
  • HDCP Support
  • Supports up to 1920×1200 digital video resolution @ 60Hz
  • Supports 4K/2K (3840×2160) video resolution @ 30Hz
  • Automatic DDC Learning
  • USB Keyboard and Mouse extension
  • Uncompressed Video using HDBaseT
  • RS-232 extension allows for remote control of displays
  • External power adapter for transmitter and receiver unit
  • Supports Stereo Sound
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux Operating Systems
  • Digital Signage
  • Security
  • PC Networking
  • Conference Center Systems
  • Point of Sale
  • Camera Surveillance
  • Video Phone
  • Control Room Systems
  • Recording Studio
  • PC KVM Extension
Format DVI-D
Maximum Pixel Clock 165 MHz
Input Interface (TX) (4) DVI-D 29-pin female
Output Interface (RX) (4) DVI-D 29-pin female
Resolution Up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz AND Up to 4K/2K (3840×2160) @ 30Hz
DDC 5 volts p-p (TTL)
Input Equalization Automatic
Input Cable Length Up to 20 ft.
Output Cable Length Up to 20 ft.
Input Interface (TX) (2) DB9 (Female)
Output Interface (RX) (2) DB9 (Female)
Speed @ 115 Kbps
Input Interface (TX) (1) 3.5 mm (Female)
Output Interface (RX) (1) 3.5 mm (Female)
Frequency Response 30KHz to 80KHz
Input Interface (TX) (1) USB Type B (Female)
Output Interface (RX) (2) USB Type A (Female)
Signal Type OHCI/VHCI (USB 1.1)
Power External 100-240 VAC/5VDC4A
Dimensions 17 in W x 1.7 in H x 3.2 in D
Weight 2 lb
Operating Temp. 0-55 °C (32-131°F)
Storage Temp. -20-85 °C (-4-185 °F)
Humidity Up to 95%

This is an example of what a setup would look like.
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LDX-4P diagram

Part No. Description
LDX-4P-S Quad DVI-D, USB, Dual RS-232, and Audio Extender. Includes: [LDX-4P-TX, LDX-4P-RX, 2x (PS5VDC4A)]


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