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SmartAVI DVI KVM Extenders transmit USB keyboard-mouse control and DVI HD video signals to remote computer systems over long distances using CAT5/5e/6 cables. Capable of relocating highly detailed DVI video signals on a local monitor with 1080p Full HD (1920x1080 @ 30Hz), DVI KVM Extenders are perfect for working with remote computers on highly detailed visual operations. As with all SmartAVI KVM Solutions, installing a DVI KVM Extender is effortless thanks to our signature Plug-and-Play design: simply connect the KVM to your systems and power-supply to start using it right away. With DVI KVM Extenders Powered by SmartAVI, closing the gap between local and long distance remote control has never been easier!

LAN DVI KVM Extenders

SmartAVI LAN DVI KVM Extenders boost KVM control signal ranges in a local area networkd (LAN). These industrial-grade KVM extenders are perfect for supervisors who need to control multiple computers connected via LAN from a remote location.

Discontinued DVI KVM Extenders

These DVI KVM Extenders are no longer in production at SmartAVI; please check each unit's product page for information on updated models.