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Video Converter

SmartAVI Video Converters allow users to convert one type of signal format into another: these conversions include Analog to Digital, VGA to DVI, VGA to HDMI, DVI to HDMI, and more! Video Converters are the perfect solution for users with aging A/V equipment; as devices' connectors become obsolete, Video Converters can keep those devices active and viable even with the newest in A/V technology. Our Converter products connect to all kinds of A/V equipment, including S-Video, Composite, Component, Coaxial and RGB. To learn more, check out our list of Video Converter solutions below.

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Convert analog signals into a digital format with no signal loss by using SmartAVI Analog Converters. Analog Converters offer the ability to actively convert analog A/V signals into a digital signals compatible with most modern A/V equipment. Analog converters are the perfect solutions for connecting older equipment with newer technology, all without the need for costly hardware and software upgrades. All SmartAVI Analog Converters are plug-and-play systems, making them easy to install and start operating right out of the box!


Convert analog signals into a digital format with no signal loss by using SmartAVI Digital Converters. Digital Converters allow users to actively change video signal formats from one type to another at the press of a button. Convert VGA to DVI or DVI to VGA; DVI to HDMI or HDMI to DVI; VGA to HDMI and more! With Digital Video Converters, powered by SmartAVI, no signal format is incompatible with your A/V setup.


SmartAVI Scalers are Video Converter solutions that also offer enhanced video scaling features which optimize signals to fit any display.