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Securely monitor and control your power outlets from anywhere in the world!


The SRP-08R series power distribution unit (PDU) allows you to:

  • Reboot your computer or other devices remotely via the internet
  • Control power usage by creating schedules to save energy and money
  • Monitor power usage to determine how much electricity has been used
  • Monitor the temperature to make sure things are keeping cool
  • Track amperage to determine peak usage times
  • Securely monitor, control and reboot devices from anywhere in the world
  • Accessible via RS232, IE, Telnet, Email and SNMP
  • Supports AUTO-MDIX via one RS232 service port & one 10M/100M-T RJ45 ethernet port
  • Supports secure access ethernet connection, encrypted SMTP transfer and https security
  • Configurable with DHCP or static IP
  • Supports per outlet event timers and clock
  • Supports simple internet firewall for added security
  • Autonomous ICMP AutoPing for each power outlet
  • Integrated SNMP agent and trap notification message capability
  • POP3/SMTP for sending and receiving control commands or data
  • Supports per port access management up to 8 users
  • Local and remote temperature and current sensing
  • Dial-up modem support via local serial port
  • Handles large current equipment up to 15-40A 100-240V

  • Control the power to mission critical devices such as a colocation servers, ATMs or cash registers.
  • Monitor how much energy is used by devices
  • Reboot servers when they become unresponsive
  • Schedule times to power off unused devices to save energy and money

Enter Plug 1-2
Supply Socket NEMAS-15P-NEMAS-20P CEE7/7 BS1363 1EC60309 NEMA L6-20P NEMA L6-30P
Equipment End IEC60320-C20
Outlets (8)NEMAS-20R
Input Current 20 Amp
Input Voltage 100-240 VAC
Chassis Dimenions 19 in W x 7 in D x 1.75 in Hw
Console Port Baud rate:115200; 8 data bits; No parity; 1 stop bit; no hardware handshaking
Ethernet 10/100 Base-T, support AUTO-MDIX
Network Protocol ICMP, IP, TCP/UDP, DHCP, Telnet, DNS, POP3/SMTP, HTTP, HTTPS, and SSL
Display 6 LEDs
Operating Temp. 32F – 122F (0C – 50C)
Storage Temp -20F – 140F (-29C – 60C)
Operating Temp. 0-55 °C (32-131°F)
Storage Temp. -20-85 °C (-4-185 °F)
Humidity 10-90% RH

This is an example of what a setup would look like.
For more detailed information on specific models, call the number to the right side of your screen.
SRP-08R Remote Power
SRP-08R Remote Power
SRP-08R Remote Power

Qty Description
SRP-08US 8-Port Smart Remote Power Unit. Includes:[SRP-08U](US Socket)
SRP-08ES 8-Port Smart Remote Power Unit. Includes: [SRP-08E](European Socket)
SRP-08BS 8-Port Smart Remote Power Unit. Includes:[SRP-08B](UK Socket)

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