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Extend USB 1.1 signals up to 275 feet via Cat5.

DISCONTINUED: please see USB2Pro for a related USB Extender solution. SmartAVI’s USB100 extends standard USB (Universal Serial Bus) 1.1 signals up to 275 feet away from your CPU using a single CAT5 unshielded twisted pair cable. The USB100 is capable of transparent data transfers at 1.5 and 12 Mbps.


  • Uses Cost-Effective CAT5
  • Extends USB 1.1 up to 275 Feet From CPU
  • USB 1.1 Compliant
  • Supports 1.5 and 12 Mbps
  • Bus-Powered Transmitter Unit
  • External Power Adapter for Receiver Unit
  • Compact Design
  • Mountable Metal Casing
  • Supports PC and Mac
  • Fully Transparent(No Emulation Used)
  • Plug-and-Play
  • Security
  • PC Networking
  • Conference Center Systems
  • Point of Sale
  • Camera Surveillance
  • Video Phone
  • Control Room Systems
  • Recording Studio
  • PC KVM Extension
  • MAC Keyboard Mouse Extende
USB DataUTP Data
Electrical USB 102-TR USB 101-RX
USB Fixed data rate 12Mbps
USB Version compatibility 1. 1
USB connector type Type A Type B
Signal type LVDS
Connector Unshielded RJ45
External or via USB 5V DC @100mA
Connector 2.1mm DC jack (center +ve)
Range over CAT5 UTP 85m (275 ft)
Dimensions 3.375" x 3.375" x 1.5" (85 x 84 x 35 mm)
Weight .14 lb (0.3 Kg)
This is an example of what a setup would look like. For more detailed information on specific models, call the number to the right side of your screen. USB-100 usb extender diagram
Model# Description
USB-100S USB CAT5 Extender Link. Includes: [USB-TX100, USB-RX100, & (CCUSBAB06) & PS5VDC1A]
USB-TX100S USB CAT5 Transmitter. Includes: [USB-TX100 & (CCUSBAB06) ]
USB-RX100S USB CAT5 Receiver Includes: [ USB-RX100  & (PS5VDC1A)]