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SmartAVI is excited to introduce the SKM Series. Our multi-display keyboard and mouse (KM) devices are purpose-built for operations of up to four connected computers, with full KM emulation for all USB 2.0 devices. Monitors are connected directly to each computer, and the SKM handles switching between the computers. All SKM units offer driverless integration […]

IPGARD Launches DPMST Series DisplayPort Secure KVM switches with Multiple Stream Transport (MST) Support

IPGARD has become the leading innovator in Secure KVM Switches solutions and continues to expand its line with their latest NIAP Approved Series. IPGARD has just released a new solution to its already impressive portfolio, DisplayPort Secure VM Switches with Multi Stream Transport, or MST, support. This allows two separate HDMI Ultra HD (4K@30Hz) video […]

IPGARD DBA SmartAVI Certified ISO 9001-2015

IPGARD is delighted to have been awarded the International Organization for Standardization ISO 9001:2015 certification, that focuses on aligning performance and quality management systems with the broader business strategy. IPGARD’s decision to work towards this globally recognized accreditation demonstrates the company’s persistent commitment to continuous improvement with specific regards to our services and products. By […]

IPGARD renews NIAP Certification for its first generation of Secure KVM Products

With cybersecurity threats and malicious viruses constantly evolving and perfecting themselves, a renewed NIAP Certification ensures that all IPGARD products contain the latest and most sophisticated protection against hacking threats of all kinds. In addition, IPGARD’s secure KVM products will continue to provide the most advanced anti-tamper technologies as well as complete electrical isolation between […]

Introducing the MXWall-UHD

Smart-AVI, an American Leader in Pro-AV and Digital Signage solutions, is proud to announce our newest product: The MXWall-UHD. The MXWall-UHD is an all-in-one video wall and matrix solution with 4K Full UHD resolution inputs and outputs, an integrated converter & scaler, flexible creative configuration modes and user friendly control software. The MXWall-UHD includes seamless […]

New updates for two of our best-sellers!

Smart-AVI – an American leader and innovator in cyber-security solutions, is proud to announce our new family of 4K, 30Hz HDMI Matrix Switches; including our new HDR-16×16-Plus V3. The HDR-16×16-Plus V3 conforms to the HDMI (High Definition Media Interface) standard with HDCP compliance and provides a connection to view any of sixteen HDMI video sources on any combination of sixteen video […]

HDMV-8X multiviewer

The HDMV-8X is the latest member of SmartAVI’s HD Multiviewer series of products. The HDMV-8X allows users to view up to eight different HD digital video sources on one display device simultaneously. HDMV-8X also supports USB keyboard and mouse functionality, allowing the user to access all eight sources from one KVM set. Connections to video sources are […]

The DPX-XT: DP KVM Extender

Smart-AVI, an American Leader in cyber-security, is proud to announce our newest product: The DPX-XT. The DPX-XT is a 4K/30Hz DisplayPort video, USB 2.0, (including stereo audio) and fully-transparent signal extender; sending signals up to 330 feet (100m) away using CAT 5e/6/6a cables. The DPX-XT extends fully-transparent USB 2.0, supporting keyboard, mouse, flash-drive, digital cameras, printer(s) and a wide […]

iPGARD and Smart-AVI have relocated!

In the wake of substantial growth and new product development in 2018, iPGARD has relocated to a modern, standalone 30,000 square foot facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. In the coming months, customers will continue to work with the same iPGARD/ Smart-AVI sales representative throughout and after the relocation of our offices from Los Angeles to […]

Our newest offering of NIAP-approved, secure products

iPGARD – an American leader and innovator in cyber-security solutions, continues to expand our line of Secure KVM solutions in 2019, including the SDVN-1S-P, the first single-port, NIAP-approved Secure Isolator on the market! SDVN-1S-P – The first NIAP approved secure isolator switch. This unit is the ultimate periphery that can connect secure computers to non-secure networks. By […]