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Who We Are

Two brands, one innovative company. Our products are developed and manufactured in the United States by passionate, engineering-focused professionals. We are locally owned and operated in Las Vegas, Nevada and employ talent from all over the world. Our goal is to provide the highest quality, the most customization, and unparalleled cost-effectiveness to every customer.

Who We Serve

SmartAVI products are designed with the advanced needs of audio-visual professionals in mind. We strive for the most comfortable and intuitive KVM controls, the highest quality in AV signal transmission, and the most flexible and dynamic customizable video displays available on the market.
IPGard products offer the same level of quality and excellence for AV solutions combined with cutting edge cybersecurity technology and practices. Our BAA-compliant business meets the strict procurement needs of government agencies. All our products are NIAP certified, offering cutting edge cybersecurity solutions to both the public sector and private business customers in industries like finance and healthcare that require strong protections.

Our Products

SmartAVI designs and manufactures all of its AV solutions in the USA. Our digital signage and video wall product have been used in schools, restaurants, retail stores, police stations, hospitals, hotels, airports, corporate offices, and more. Our KVM and fiber optic solutions are popular, secure management solutions with government, military, and private sector industries like entertainment and tech. Every SmartAVI product is certified, high-quality, and comes with our one-year warranty.


Quality Statement

IPGARD DBA SmartAVI Certified ISO 9001-2015