Professional Audio-Video environments require professional accessories. SmartAVI has a wide range of affordable accessories to assist in signal distribution, extension and switching needs, including Transmitters and Receivers, as well as accessories for EDID, Cat5, IR, USB, Rack and more.

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EDID contains important information that your television or projector needs, to deliver its best picture quality. Our advanced line can ensure your video sources and display are perfectly aligned for pristine picture quality.


Enhance the transmission of your video signals with the use of SmartAVI video accessories.


SmartAVI’s Audio Series delivers user-friendly management over the latest in digital audio sources. The audio series includes audio splitters, audio switches and digital-to-analog audio converters. Each audio product is plug-and-play ready and features top of the line fidelity. SmartAVI audio solutions also include “audio signage” products that manage audio announcements, in-store music, telephone hold messages and a host of other key audio functions in professional settings. Easy to install, use and enjoy, SmartAVI audio solutions are the perfect fit for your A/V environment!

Video Cards

Video Cards for Matrix solutions let users add more input or output ports to their device.

Extender TX Units

These Extender TX Units transmit HD A/V signals to corresponding RX (receiver) units, creating extension systems for SmartAVI solutions.

Extender RX Units

SmartAVI Extender Receiver (RX) Units receive high definition A/V signals from transmitter (TX) extenders. Choose from our selection of VGA, DVI, and HDMI receivers below.




Enhance your signal distribution, extension, and switching with the use of SmartAVI accessories.