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VGA and A/V

Transmitt VGA signals farther than conventional cables with the use of a VGA extender. VGA and A/V Extenders by SmartAVI boost high quality video signals hundreds of feet with CAT5 cabling. Installing VGA and A/V extender units is effortless as all SmartAVI extenders are plug and play systems. Simple, affordable, and effective, VGA and A/V Extenders are a great way to boost your ideal AV setup!

Rackmount VGA Extenders

SmartAVI Rackmount VGA Extenders are industrial-grade extension solutions that significantly boost the range of multiple VGA video signals. Built for rack-mount set-ups and long-distance operation.

A/V Extenders

SmartAVI A/V Extenders extend composite and component video signals range up to hundreds of feet away. Great for stretching the bounds of your A/V set-up, A/V Extenders ensure your devices are always connected and within reach when you need them!