KVM X-Series

Elevate Your Connectivity with HDMI and DisplayPort KVM extenders via CatX and Fiber

Unleash the potential of KLX-X series —where reliability meets affordability. Perfect for small offices, home workstations, retail displays, or conference rooms, this point-to-point model offers versatile connectivity without breaking the bank. Seamlessly extend your connections up to 100 meters over CatX and up to 10 km over Fiber, ensuring UHD video streaming with minimal latency. Available in either HDMI or DP configuration options, the KLX-X series is your compact solution for affordable, reliable, and high-performance connectivity.

KVM N-Series

Elevate the potential of the KLX series with SAVIGATE

Welcome to SAVIGATE, KVM Matrix management system over IP. SAVIGATE seamlessly connects and manages multiple signal extension solutions, providing secure remote access to endpoints, whether physical or virtual. User-friendly web-based control interface makes it easy to access and control units over the Internet. SAVIGATE is capable of supporting up to 100 transmitters and receivers, and you can create an unlimited number of users which can be integrated directly from Active Directory. SAVIGATE allows you to manage everything about your gateway in one place. Connect, configure, and manage all your devices and users in one place entirely remotely.