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Video Walls

Create your ideal multi-screen video system with a video wall controller from SmartAVI! We offer a wide variety of video wall solutions, from simple four-screen plug-and-play hardware options to customized installations with dozens of screens controlled by integrated software. No two users’ needs are exactly alike, so we’d like to encourage you to contact us to start a dialogue about your new video wall controller. Call (818) 503-6200 or email today to learn more! SmartAVI video wall solutions support HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI and VGA signals. No matter what you need out of your video wall and no matter how many screens you want, we can help you craft the ideal solution that matches your exact specifications. We offer the most aggressively-priced professional video wall hardware and software on the market. Contact us now to get started on your video wall!

Advanced Video Wall

SmartAVI's Advanced Video Wall line takes powerful video walls a step further with ultra-HD and large-scale configurations alike. Easily display high resolution videos in any configuration on high definition screens using multiple inputs and outputs—a driverless, hardware-only solution that requires no expertise. Simply plug and play!

Premium Video Wall

SmartAVI's Premium Video Wall line offers integrated software to help you program, manage, and schedule content across high-resolution screens in any arrangement. Spread your displays creatively over display configurations as extensive as 32 screens. Combine media from a player, your computer, or the web for a customized experience: robust display solutions for any environment!

Elite Video Wall

Built with integrated software that helps you program, manage, and schedule content scalable across dozens of screens without loss of resolution, the Elite Video Wall solutions offer top-of-the-line results for all of your display needs. Combine media from multiple sources for unlimited customization potential, and enthrall onlookers with powerful, creative configurations!


Stream enthralling HD content to your digital signage and video walls with SmartAVI's SaviStreamer products. Our plug-and-play encoding hardware and easy-to-use SaviStreamer Manager software enhance your displays with crystal clear 1080p H.264 video. Perfect for integrating live content, sports, news, RSS, TV, movies, and more into your devices, SaviStreamer streaming solutions are an ideal choice for optimizing your system!