Digital Signage Manager

Discontinued.Deliver your message to audiences around the world with Signage Manager, the complete solution to the secure management of your digital signage network.


Signage Manager is a powerful digital signage content manager that gives you control of your signage network. With Signage Manager you can configure multiple client players, schedule dynamic content, configure individual displays and track usage through compliance reporting.

Signage Manager uses your IP network to remotely manage, control, and broadcast your
information to target audiences across the globe, all while using a secure platform to protect your information.

  • Manage an unlimited number of signage players from anywhere in the world
  • Filter content to different players for individual control
  • Play live content
  • Schedule content for timely display
  • Display virtually all file types such as Images, HD Video, PowerPoint, Excel, RSS and more!
  • Layout multiple content types with zone templates
  • Expand your network with scalable architecture

Even the smallest digital signage networks can benefit from remote management. Aside from being able to monitor and report everything that is being played, our digital signage software’s user-friendly management tools offer the ability for anyone from advertising and creative services to operations and general management to change content and generate reporting metrics.

Our sophisticated digital signage software remote management tools also give network operators the ability to perform real-time adjustments to every display’s playback schedule, enabling real-time marketing experiments, emergency announcements, and even live content feeds.

Signage Manager can handle virtually any file type, whether it be HTML, PDF, HD Video, JPG, GIF, MPEG, AVI, Quicktime, Excel, PowerPoint, RSS, Flash, Java and more!

Easy to own
Signage Manager is one of the most cost effective digital signage software solutions on the market. But don’t let the low price fool you. Signage Manager has all the features, dependability, and scalability of products costing several times as much.

Easy to set up
From start to finish, you’ll be creating your own presentations in about an hour. Even the most non-technical users can use Signage Manager. Just follow our easy-to-use, step-by-step, illustrated instructions. If you do run into problems, we have fully trained support staff on hand to guide you.

Easy to use
We developed Signage Manager to be used by everyone, not just the IT department. Our intuitive Windows-based interface will get you building your digital signage solution like a professional in no time.

  • Wall Displays
  • Digital Signage
  • Airports
  • Dealer Rooms
  • Control Rooms
  • Audio/Visual Presentations
  • Shopping Centers
  • Security
  • Point-of-Sale
  • Hotels/Resorts
  • KVM Switch

Deliver your content to thousands of locations around the world

Our software uses the power of the internet to deliver content anywhere in the world. Connect your display directly to the network or via the Internet. Once the content has been delivered, the Internet connection is no longer needed unless you are using live feeds.

Keep track of all your Digital Signage delivery

  • See what is currently being played across the network.
  • Create reports for a history of what has been played.
  • Export reports in plain text or Microsoft Excel format.

Manage multiple signage devices through a central server

  • Once connected to the display monitor, the client only needs an Internet connection for updating or you choose to have a live RSS feed as part of your presentation.
  • The client is programmed and initiated from your own PC, be it a laptop or desktop computer in your home or office. One PC – we’ll call it the “server” – can operate as many digital signage clients as you need at once, be it one or more than a thousand


  • Content can be time sensitive, and it may need to be scheduled for display at particular times or intervals
  • Schedules are easy to configure with Signage Manager, and are changed remotely


  • Zones are areas on the screen where different content can be displayed
  • A screen may be split into several zones, which can be easily customized with Signage Manager
  • They can contain different media including video, images, RSS feeds and more


System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems Windows XP, Windows 7
Network 10/100 Lan Ethernet Connection, 1Gbps or Wireless
Cable CAT5
Supported Formats
Flash (swf, html)
HD Video
Images (jpg, bmp gif)
Movies (avi, mpg, wmv)
Digital Audio Files
RSS News Feeds
Live TV via HTTP
Streaming Video
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
Model# Description
AP-SNSV-SW SignageManager Software with USB Key. Includes: [AP-SNSV-SW and ASUSBKEY]

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