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DVI signal receiver unit for DVX-200 extension systems: receiving range of up to 225 feet.

SmartAVI's DVX-RX200 is a receiver for DVX-200 products. Receiving video signals over CAT5 cables from a connected DVX-TX200 transmitter unit up to 225 feet away, the DVX-RX200 converts HD signals back into DVI-D format and sends them to displays with no degradation to image quality. Receive HD Video from 225ft Away The DVX-RX200 connects to DVX-200 series TX units at distances up to 225 feet away and receives stunning picture quality at 1080p (1920x1080) Full HD. Plug-and-play, the DVX-RX200 connects to TX units easily and is very user-friendly. Cost-Effective, Reliable Signal Reception The DVX-RX200 is a great fit for cost-conscious users in any AV environment. It works well in restaurants, schools, entertainment venues, retail stores, and more: with the DVX-RX200, receiving HD video over inexpensive CAT5 cables is easy and efficient!


  • Top Image Quality at all Resolutions.
  • Video Resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz (1280 x 1024 @ 75Hz) on all distances up to the maximum distance.
  • User Selectable: DCC-Information MAC or PC
  • Distances: 220ft with CAT6 STP cable.
  • Compatible with all operating systems.
  • Compatible with all major KVM Switches.
  • Rack Mount options (19)
  • Supports MAC and PC DVI-D
  • No Degradation of Video Quality
  • LEDs Indicate Power and Loss of clock Signal
  • External Power Supplies
  • Silent Fanless Operation
  • (1) DVX-RX200 receiver for DVX-200 extension
  • (1) Extender unit power supply
  • (1) Quick Start and Installation Guide
  • Perfect Image Quality at all Resolutions
  • Call Centers(co-locate user's computers)
  • Industrial (protection against pollution)
  • Information Terminals & Kiosks.
  • Airports (air traffic control, passenger information systems).
  • Medical - using computer tomographs generates strong magnetic fields, which make it impossible to use monitors.
Video Data DVI
Power Supply Universal Switch mode PSU (90-240V Input) 5VDC
Input Interface DVI-D (Single Link)
Supported Formats 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz, Resolution up to 1280 x 1024 min. 75H
Upgradeable Onboard Flash
Height 0.08 in. (2 mm.)
Width 2.75 in. (69.85 mm.)
Length 3.4 in. (86.3 mm.)
Weight 0.20 lb (0.09 kg.)
This is an example of what a setup would look like. For more detailed information on specific models, call Smart-AVI. DVX-RX200 DVI Matrix Diagram
Model# Description
DVX-200PS DVI-D/PC CAT6 STP Extender. Includes: [DVX-TX200P, DVX-RX200, (CCDVIMM06) & 2 x (PS5VDC2A)]
DVX-200MS DVI-D/MAC CAT6 STP Extender. Includes: [DVX-TX200M, DVX-RX200, (CCDVIMM06) & 2 x (PS5VDC2A)]
DVX-TX200PS DVI-D/PC CAT6 STP Transmitter. Includes: [DVX-TX200P, (CCDVIMM06), & (PS5VDC2A)]
DVX-TX200MS DVI-D/PC CAT6 STP Transmitter. Includes: [DVX-TX200M, (CCDVIMM06), & (PS5VDC2A)]
DVX-RX200S DVI-D CAT6 STP Receiver. Includes: [DVX-RX200 & (PS5VDC2A)]