HDTV Router

Discontinued. 8×8 VGA, Component AV, stereo audio, IR, and RS-232 signal matrix with enhanced range up to 1,799 feet via CAT5 cabling.


HDTV Router combines all the functions of an audio matrix, video matrix, IR matrix and a full RS-232 matrix into one sleek, cost-effective compact design. This gives you absolute control over all of your home entertainment components, how your system is set up and allows you to extend each of the component signals up to 1,699 feet!

  • Routes additonal audio signals independently
  • Integrated IR and RS-232 router for each station
  • Optimal high-quality audio switching
  • Optimal high-quality video switching
  • Supports resolutions up to 1920 x 1200
  • Full duplex infrared and RS-232 control for matrix and connected devices
  • Completely transparent IR function supports all frequencies between 20 and 100Khz
  • PC Windows® control software
  • Cable compensation up to 1,699 feet
  • Compact metal housing for receivers
  • Can distribute multiple video signals(RGB, YUV, RGBS, HDTV)
  • HD Compatible(480p, 720p, 1080, 1080p

Input/Output Types
HDTV Router is compatible with the following interfaces:

  • Composite
  • Component
  • S-Video
  • Stereo Analog Audio
  • Infrared
  • RS-232

With the integrated RS-232 matrix you can:

  • Remotely power on and off all of the connected display devices
  • Send commands such as video schedules or input source
  • Reporting
  • Enable touch-screen displays to send and receive data
  • Interrupt displays with alerts and urgent messages


The built-in infrared extender gives you the ability to remotely change your channels, control DVD players and turn off/on devices located up to 1,6999 feet away.

Controlling HDTV Router
You can control HDTV Router via:

  • Infrared (Remote Control)
  • RS-232 with SmartAVI’s SmartControl Interface
  • Over the Internet via TCP/IP

HDTV Router Supported Format

HDTV Router provides a high-quality, cost-effective solution for the easy distribution of composite video, RGBS, UXGA, YUV, Y/C, CVBS, HDTV and stereo audio signals up to 1,699 feet over CAT5e/6/7 structured cabling.

Route up to 8 UXGA video and stereo audio sources to up to 64 remote monitors and speakers located as far away as 1,699 feet using SmartAVI’s XT receivers and CAT5 cable. You can also route additional sound sources to external amplifiers independently. This is useful if you’d like to add additional sound sources such as background music or security features to your multimedia system



The XT-AV is the perfect economical A/V extension solution capable of delivering high-quality video and stereo audio up to 1,000 feet away via CAT5 cable. The XT-AV does not support RS-232 or IR control.


XTPro is the advanced extension solution that supports UXVGA (2 screens) with audio, RS-232 and infrared control. This unit is capable of switching from a remote location via IR control.


HD-XT is the advanced extension solution that supports UXVGA (2 screens) with audio, RS-232 and infrared control. This unit supports composite video (RCA) and is capable of switching from a remote location via IR.


The HDC-VX is the perfect solution for extending older NTSC video signals to any display monitor or television over a CAT5 cable.

HDTV Router Control Option
The full duplex and RS-232 feature gives you full control of both the matrix and all connected displays and devices!
HDTV Router is perfect for the serious home theater and entertainment enthusiast, but it is also more than powerful enough for professional systems integrators: With HDTV Router, system architects can:

  • Distribute live data such as flight information
  • Make existing digital signage even more effective
  • Make corporate and educational programming easy to manage and access

IR Features:

  • Control large groups of TV monitors and A/V components from a single location
  • Offer remote users full control over DVD players, Gaming Consoles and/or cable boxes by selecting channels from the matrix
  • IR function is completely transparent and supports any infrared frequency between 20 and 100 Khz
  • Offers remote users full control over the DVD,VCR or cable box by selecting a channel from the matrix.
  • The IR function is completely transparent and supports any infrared frequency between 20 and 100 Khz.

Video Data

Bandwidth 400 MHz
Input Signal level 1 Volt p-pk into 75R
Output Impedance 100 Ohms
Input Impedance 75 Ohms
Connector 8 x HD15 socket female
Bandwidth Horizontal Sync up to 85KHz
Audio Signal 15KHz 0dB unbalanced 100 Ohms impedance Connector RCA or 3.5 Stereo Jack RS-232 8 x RS-232 DB9 Female, TX, RX, GND
Infrared 8 x IR 3.5mm Jack to IR emitter
Front Panel 8 x RJ45 with video, audio and data modulated within single UTP
Voltage 90-230V IEC 1A A/S 56/60 Hz
IR 3.5mm connector with 38khz
DB9 female RS-232 or RS-422 @ 9600bps
Height X width X Depth 3U (88mm) x 19” x 450mm
Weight 9 lbs.


HDC-MXS Component or UXGA/Audio + RS-232/IR over CAT5 8×8 Matrix with RS-232 Control in a Compact 1U Design. Includes: [HDC-MX, CCRS232MF6, SMP-SW & (CCPWR06US)]
XTP-RXS UXGA/Audio/RS-232/IR CAT5 Receiver. Includes:[ XTP-RX & (PS5VD1A)]
XTP-RXLS UXGA/Audio/RS-232/IR CAT5 Long Range Receiver. Includes: [XTP-RXL & (PS5VD1A)]
XTA-RXS XTAV UXGA/Audio CAT5 Receiver. Includes: [XTA-RX & (PS5VD1A)]
HDP-RXS HDTV Video/Audio/RS232/IR CAT5 Receiver with Dual Video support 3 x RCA connector for video and RCA for audio
HDC-VX-RXS Composite Video/Audio/IR CAT5 Point to Point Receiver 3 X RCA connector for video and RCA for audio
SM-TCPS TCP/IP Control. Includes: [SMTCP, (CCRS232MM ) & (PS5VD1A)]
SM-EYE External Infrared Receiver; IR range of 10 to 30ft
SM-LED IR Emitter 6ft Single LED
SM-CSW GUI software for source/destination selection and name editing for all SmartAVI Matrixes/Routers
CCVGAMM06 6’ male to male UXGA cable
CCVGARCAMM06 6’ VGA Male to RCA Male
AD3.5MM2RCA Audio adapter from 3.5mm to 2 RCAs
SM-RMT Remote Control type 1

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