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4K HDMI, IR, RS-232 and Ethernet Extender with POE over CAT5e/6/7.

What is the HDX-POE-PRO?

The HDX-POE-PRO is a receiver unit for use with Smart-AVI Matrix switches. The HDX-POE-PRO is capable of receiving 4K (3840x2160 @ 30Hz) resolution HDMI, IR remote control, RS-232 signals, and Ethernet internet signals and outputs to devices up to 328 ft (100m) from a signal source. Outfitted with technology, the HDX-POE-PRO is capable of POE (Power-over-Ethernet) energy efficiency. By connecting the HDX-POE-PRO to a SmartAVI solution (like HDR-8x8-XT), the HDX-POE-PRO can operate without the need for external power; this can effectively cut costly energy consumption and save space for other devices in need of external power!

How to set up the HDX-POE-PRO

The HDX-POE-PRO is a plug-and-play solution, easily connecting to SmartAVI devices and integrating seamlessly into existing AV setups. Simply connect the receiver to devices via CAT5e/6/7 cables, which will remotely power the unit without the need for an additional external power supply.

Applications for HDX-POE-PRO

The HDX-POE-PRO pairs well with the HDR-8x8-XT 8x8 HDMI matrix. It can send 4K signals to displays of any size, and excels in large venues like sporting arenas, multiplex cinemas, convention centers, nightclubs, hotel lobbies, school auditoriums, and more!


  • Supports resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD (@30Hz)
  • Supports POE (Power Over Ethernet)
  • Extends HDMI,IR, RS-232 and Power over one Cat5e/6 Cable
  • Extends IR Control Signals for Remote Control
  • Uses Technology
  • Full HD support: 1080p@60Hz@48 bit/pixels, 1080p@120Hz@24 bit/pixels, 3D 1080P60Hz and 4K x 2K@30Hz@24bit
  • Data Signals up to 3.4Gbps
  • HDMI 1.4 and HDCP Compliance
  • Uses Bi-Directional IR Communication
  • Transmits High-Quality Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD MA Audio Signals
  • Transmits 1080p Resolution Video up to 328 ft


  • (1) HDX-POE-PRO
  • **(1) PS12V2A Power Supply**
  • (1) Quick Start/Installation Guide
** Power supply is optional
  • Convention centers
  • Sports arenas
  • Transportation hubs (airports, train stations)
  • Education Facilities (auditoriums, lecture halls)
  • Retail spaces
  • Industrial facilities
  • Control rooms
  • Military command centers
  • Data centers and server rooms
  • Multiplex cinemas
  • Nightclubs
  • Concert halls
  • Production studios
Input (1) CAT5e/6/7
Output (1)  CAT5e/6/7 (1) HDMI
Input Resolution Up to 4K (3840x2160 @ 30Hz)
Output Resolution Up to 4K (3840x2160 @ 30Hz)
Video Bandwidth 10.2Gbps
Connectors (1) IR RX, (1) IR TX, (1) RS-232
IR Range 38kHz ~ 54kHz
Power Supply 12VDC2A (**Optional)
Approvals UL, CE, ROHS Compliant
Dimensions 4”W X 4.25”D X 1.125”H
Weight 0.7 lbs
Working Temp. 32 to 122°F (0 to 50 °C )
Working Humidity Up to 85% RH (no condensation)
Storage Temperature -4 to 149 °F (-20 to 65 °C )
Storage Humidity Up to 90% RH (no condensation)
This is an example of what a setup would look like. For more detailed information on specific models, call the number in the upper right corner of your screen. HDX-POE-PRO Diagram
Part No. Description
HDX-POE-PROS 4K HDMI, IR, RS-232, & Ethernet extender over CAT5e/6/7, Includes: [HDX-POE-PRO and (**PS12V2A)]
**Optional power supply