Introducing IPControl

SmartAVI has acquired Vity Technology of France and created IPControl, a new independent subsidiary dedicated to environmental automation and control products for home & business markets.

LOS ANGELESFeb. 23, 2017 – SmartAVI Inc. is pleased to announce its leap into the environmental automation and touchscreen control markets with the acquisition and rebranding of Vity Technology, now IPControl.

Based out of Lanester in France, Vity Technology has garnered a sterling reputation throughout Europe for its top-grade controllers, touchscreen interfaces, and digital signage solutions. Built for energy efficient and user-friendly operation, Vity products offer intuitive means of centralized remote control for innumerable devices in smart-homes and businesses. Paired with responsive and reliable touch-panel technology, Vity solutions have made their mark on various industries, from power plants to apartment complexes to office buildings to everything in between.

“SmartAVI’s founder and I have been friends for many, many years,” says Vity founder and chairman, Eric Berthaud. “They have shown a real knack for reeling in name clients and providing high-grade A/V solutions throughout the globe. All of us at Vity are quite excited to see where SmartAVI will take our solutions as we transition to IPControl.”

SmartAVI, based out of North Hollywood in California, will be taking over Vity’s manufacturing and distribution responsibilities. As a professional A/V innovation firm with much sought-after clientele like NASA, Boeing, Northrup Grumman, Raytheon, Intel, Disney, Warner Brothers, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital,  and the US Armed Forces, SmartAVI aims to offer Vity’s team new opportunities to make their mark with its extensive international distribution network.

“I cannot stress enough how happy we all are to include Vity as part of SmartAVI’s growing innovation family,” says Albert Cohen, founder & CEO of SmartAVI. “Their team will continue to develop IPControl solutions from Vity’s base in Lanester, and we will do our part by introducing those products to new markets throughout the world.”

IPControl will continue Vity Technology’s drive towards user-centric automation solutions, delivering controllers and touchscreen solutions that connect devices throughout environments using the internet-of-things. “IPControl is going to revolutionize the way our clients interact with their day-to-day environments,” says Cohen. “The solutions Vity developed are second-to-none when it comes to IP-based control and energy efficiency. With IPControl, I am confident we can take those achievements to the next level.”

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