iPGARD and Smart-AVI have relocated!

In the wake of substantial growth and new product development in 2018, iPGARD has relocated to a modern, standalone 30,000 square foot facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. In the coming months, customers will continue to work with the same iPGARD/ Smart-AVI sales representative throughout and after the relocation of our offices from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

Moving to Las Vegas allows our organization to place our two teams, Smart-AVI and iPGARD, under the same roof; allowing our development teams to work in tandem for research and development of new, high-tech products for our growing base of consumers. iPGARD CEO Albert Cohen chose Las Vegas due to the plethora of contemporary innovators, world-class trade shows, such as CES, and the unconventional methods of production, which put iPGARD and Smart-AVI at the forefront of the competition.

The research, development and office complex is located in North Las Vegas, near the North Las Vegas airport and will benefit our consumers by way of increased production space and room for development. This major milestone was facilitated by the influx of orders iPGARD has been receiving, due to the certification of our KVM Switches by NIAP, which is the most intense examination of secure products in this country.

“iPGARD is a growing company that has been an integral player in the United States’ government’s strategy in combating intrusion and attacks against unsecured computers or peripheral devices,” said iPGARD CEO Albert Cohen. “A move like this allows our organization to grow naturally with the demand, as we begin producing and shipping our new line of innovative products here in Las Vegas.”

Following up on our wildly successful release of NIAP PP3.0 Approved Secure KVM Switches last year, iPGARD is also proud to announce the new additions to our Secure KVM family of products. iPGARD’s New Line of Secure KVM and Matrix Switches offers competitive, cutting-edge protection against cyber interference or intrusion and meet the latest NIAP Protection Profile for peripheral sharing switches version 3.0. As always, these new products are designed and manufactured in the USA, constituting a great advantage over the competition to the US Military and Intelligence Agencies.

Specializing in the development and manufacturing of cyber-security solutions, iPGARD is a BAA-compliant American innovator of cutting-edge digital protection products. Founded by veterans of the Air Force and KVM market, IPGARD offers solutions built to fit each of our clients’ unique sets of needs, including KVM switches, extenders, and fiber optic technology products. From identifying vulnerabilities to securely isolating networks, IPGARD holds the promise of American-made digital protection for financial, military, and consumer markets.
For more information, please visit: https://ipgard.com or https://smartavi.com