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IPGARD DBA SmartAVI Certified ISO 9001-2015

IPGARD is delighted to have been awarded the International Organization for Standardization ISO 9001:2015 certification, that focuses on aligning performance and quality management systems with the broader business strategy. IPGARD’s decision to work towards this globally recognized accreditation demonstrates the company’s persistent commitment to continuous improvement with specific regards to our services and products. By and large, this ensures that IPGARD maintains exceedingly high service delivery standards and continue to provide our customers with quality products.
ISO 9001 is based on a rigorous auditing system that seeks to ensure only the highest levels of service delivery are maintained within a business establishment. As such, it assesses multiple quality management principles among them continuous improvement processes, top management’s rime motivations, a robust customer focus and overall implications for the business.
This accreditation creates a win-win situation for both the company and its customers. In our case, ISO 9001 will go a long way in helping our clients access high quality services and products, thus, allowing for optimal customer satisfaction. We are very proud of this achievement and are overly elated by the prospects it holds for the business’s future. It serves as testament to the high standards maintained by IPGARD and our continued commitment to a satisfied customer base and a happy society at large.
Albert Cohen, CEO of IPGARD says, “This mark of approval proves to the world that IPGARD is committed to continuous quality improvement and works towards providing our customers with the best possible services. ISO 9001 certification is key to the company being in a position to demonstrate its ability to protect properties and provide our customers with the best solutions.
IPGARD DBA SmartAVI Certified ISO 9001-2015