IPGARD renews NIAP Certification for its first generation of Secure KVM Products

With cybersecurity threats and malicious viruses constantly evolving and perfecting themselves, a renewed NIAP Certification ensures that all IPGARD products contain the latest and most sophisticated protection against hacking threats of all kinds. In addition, IPGARD’s secure KVM products will continue to provide the most advanced anti-tamper technologies as well as complete electrical isolation between ports. “It is of paramount importance to continually update our NIAP Certifications to ensure we’re providing our clients with the latest in cybersecurity protections,”  indicated Albert Cohen, CEO of IPGARD.

IPGARD’s first generation of products consists in 33 models of secure KVM/KM switches certified PP3.0, the highest caliber protection profile for switching technology approved by NIAP, which is managed by the NSA. Developed to fit a wide range of applications, they feature connectors for DisplayPort, DVI-I and HDMI, with varying head configurations and optional CAC device compatibility for enhanced security measures. Ideally applied in government, military, financial, medical and commercial institutions, IPGARD secure switches optimize cybersecurity with highly efficient switching technologies designed and assembled in the USA.

Product Features: