Our newest offering of NIAP-approved, secure products

iPGARD – an American leader and innovator in cyber-security solutions, continues to expand our line of Secure KVM solutions in 2019, including the SDVN-1S-P, the first single-port, NIAP-approved Secure Isolator on the market!

SDVN-1S-P – The first NIAP approved secure isolator switch. This unit is the ultimate periphery that can connect secure computers to non-secure networks. By isolating connections, the unit ensures no data is leaked between secure ports and the outside world.

Our line of Secure KVM Matrixes allow multiple users to access 4-8 sources simultaneously while allowing computer towers to be stowed in a secure location. The highest benefit these units offer is the ability to access classified and public networks over isolated connections. iPGARD’s Second Generation of secure products includes 17 new models to meet any need, ranging from 4×2 to 8×4 Matrixes. Our new products on the line also feature HDMI in and out at 4K/60Hz. iPGARD KVM Matrixes may also function as ‘video-only’ units without having to connect USB Keyboard/Mice.

SDMN-4S-P – Multiviewer and 4-Port KVM switch; The SDMN-4S-P KVM Multi-viewer offers centralized control of up to 4 computers with the benefits of a secure periphery. This versatile unit features a second monitor output that is capable of displaying all 4 connected computer systems, making it ideal for 24/7 monitoring applications.

As always, and to ensure the highest quality, these new products are designed, developed and manufactured in the USA, constituting a great advantage over the competition to the US Military and Intelligence Agencies.

Our devices meet the stringent requirements of the 3.0 Protection Profile by demonstrating strict isolation between computers at different classification levels, tamper resistant material and secure firmware.