Discontinued.Use CAT5/6/7 cables to broadcast up to 16 high resolution SXGA, stereo audio, RS-232, and IR sources 1,000 feet through a single video extender unit.


What is the RK-XTPro?

The RK-XTPro is a 16-port rackmount extender for VGA/Stereo Audio/RS-232/IR signals, capable of boosting signal ranges up to 1000 ft from a signal source.

How to Use RK-XTPRO

As a rackmount extender, the RK-XTPro easily fits into standard rack-mount set-ups.

Place and secure the device to your rack, and connect the power supply.
Connect VGA, stereo audio, RS-232, and IR source devices to the the unit. Then connect to output devices via CAT5/6/7 cables.
Activate the unit to start extending your signals.

Applications for RK-XTPRO

The RK-XTPRO excels in a variety of environments and applications. Built as an industrial-grade extension solution, the RK-XTPRO mounts on standard AV racks commonly found in TV stations, production studios, transportation control centers, corporate office buildings, airports, and more. The RK-XTPRO can be used to extend HD video to remote displays, audio to speakers, and even control signals (IR/RS-232) to peripheral devices.


  • Supports Multiple Screens
  • Uses Easy-to-Install CAT5/5e/6/7
  • Each Output Extends 1,000 Feet Plus
  • Supports High-Resolution Video up to 1920×1200
  • HDTV-Compatible (720p, 1080i, 1080p)
  • 300 MHz Bandwidth
  • Sends High-Resolution VGA, Stereo Audio, RS-232 and IR Signals From up to *16 Sources to as Many Display Screens (*Model-Dependant)
  • Compatible With VGA, XGA, Sun, Mac and SGI
  • Sync Format / Polarity Preservation
  • Compatible With Line Level Stereo Audio Signals
  • High Ground Loop Immunity
  • Built-In Power Surge and Transient Protection
  • Designated Trimmer in Remote Unit to Compensate for Cable Length
  • Compact Metal Case Enclosure
  • External Power Supply
  • RS-232 Communication Support to Single/Multiple Displays
  • IR Command to Single/Multiple Displays


  • XT-PROS: 16-Port SXGA/Audio/RS-232/IR Rackmountable Extender

Applications for the XT-PRO include:

  • Video Signal Extension
  • Stereo Audio/Speaker Extension
  • Extended IR control
  • Extended RS-232 control
  • TV stations
  • Corporate offices
  • Event Venues
  • Airports and Transportation Hubs
  • and more!
Resolution Up to 1920×1200
Connector Type HD 15-socket
AUDIO 3.5mm Stereo Jack
Signal Type Stereo Unbalanced
AUDIO 3.5mm Stereo Jack
Signal Type Stereo Unbalanced
RS-232 DB9M, TXD/RXD/Gnd, 9600bps
POWER Input 110V-240V
DIMENSIONS 17.063” L x 3.437” W x 5.312” H
Part Number Description
RK-XTP-TX4S UXGA/Audio/RS232/IR RACK 4-Port CAT5 Transmitter
RK-XTP-TX8S UXGA/Audio/RS232/IR RACK 8-Port CAT5 Transmitter
RK-XTP-TX16S UXGA/Audio/RS232/IR RACK 16-Port CAT5 Transmitter
RK-XTP-RX4S UXGA/Audio/RS232/IR RACK 4-Port CAT5 Receiver
RK-XTP-RX8S UXGA/Audio/RS232/IR RACK 8-Port CAT5 Receiver
RK-XTP-RX16S UXGA/Audio/RS232/IR RACK 16-Port CAT5 Receiver

End Point Ordering Information

Part Number Description
XTP-TXS UXGA/Audio/RS232/IR CAT5 Transmitter. Includes: [XTP-TXS & (PS5VDC2A)]
XTP-RXS UXGA/Audio/RS232/IR CAT5 Receiver. Includes [XTP-RXS & (PS5VDC2A)]
XTP-RXLS UXGA/Audio/RS232/IR CAT5 Long Range Receiver. Includes [XTP-RXL & (PS5VDC2A)]

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