SmartAVI is excited to introduce the SKM Series. Our multi-display keyboard and mouse (KM) devices are purpose-built for operations of up to four connected computers, with full KM emulation for all USB 2.0 devices. Monitors are connected directly to each computer, and the SKM handles switching between the computers.

All SKM units offer driverless integration for single-head mode, requiring no software updates, no interruption of peripherals when switching computers, and control via front panel buttons, hotkeys, or RS-232 using a desktop software or tablet application.

Our basic model, the SKM-LT, comes with a simple user interface for customizing controls. Additionally, two advanced models are available in the series: the SKM-PLUS and the SKM-PRO.

The SKM-PLUS offers drag-and-drop control for display placement, IP module to enable customization via web app, integration of non-computer devices such as tablets and smartphones, and customization via mobile devices on our Android app.

And for ultimate flexibility, control, and reliability, the SKM-PRO combines the SKM-LT and SKM-PLUS features, along with two exciting upgrades: dual power inputs for connecting redundant power supplies, as well as audio input control, including combined audio, so you never miss an alarm or audio notification. This is especially vital for emergency services.


This exciting new product line comes with two, four, or eight ports.

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