SmartControlWall: Real-Time Video Wall Processor

A cutting-edge, built-to-order video wall processing solution, SmartControlWall seamlessly routes signals to large-scale displays and controls them in real-time with integrated software: the perfect visualization tool for command applications in mission-critical environments.

North Hollywood, CA (June 2, 2016)— SmartAVI is proud to announce SmartControlWall, a fully customizable all-in-one video wall processing solution for command and control applications. Specifically designed for environments tasked with managing time-sensitive missions and dynamic scenarios, SmartControlWall boasts integrated real-time software for unsurpassed command of large-scale video wall displays. SmartControlWall features the full capabilities of both a video wall controller and matrix switch, effortlessly routing up to 56 input signals and 56 flexible outputs for immediate visual results. Powerful and built-to-order, SmartControlWall is the ultimate solution for real-time visual supervision.

While many professional video wall devices cater to the retail and entertainment industries as a means to attract patronage, SmartControlWall is explicitly designed for operational management in critical situations. An ideal fit in central command environments of any kind, SmartControlWall excels at surveillance, display unity, workflow optimization, and multi-source visualization. It is compatible with an unparalleled array of digital content, including HD video, graphic, audio, data, streaming, and personal desktop emulation, broadcasting them across large-scale displays in real-time for impressive functionality.

SmartControlWall features top-tier integrated software for flexible and responsive control of digital command environments. Enhanced for easy click-and-drag operation and secure remote access from an administrator’s computer, SmartControlWall software offers flexible, state of the art display configurations from anywhere in the world. Better yet, SmartControlWall lets users populate displays with overlapping HD signals on individual monitors, great for layered workspaces when seeing things from every angle is absolutely vital.

Showcasing its essential ability to route signals from multiple sources in real time and its industrial-strength processing power, SmartControlWall guarantees optimal performance with even the most complex visual layouts. Its superior design and functionality for visual command makes SmartControWall a perfect fit for government installations, military bases, air traffic control rooms, security stations, nerve centers, medical facilities, server farms, emergency response headquarters, aerospace mission control rooms, and more.

SmartControlWall delivers operational efficiency to real-time responders for the immediate results they need to get the job done right. SmartControlWall makes no compromises, and offers cutting-edge visualization solutions for those who need them. Get the full picture and take back command of your command center with SmartControlWall Powered by SmartAVI.


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