Discontinued. Stretch any DVI-D source across four DVI or VGA screens at the highest available resolution on the market.


SmartAVI’s StretcherPro is a digital signage/display wall controller that can take any DVI-D source and stretch it among four VGA or DVI displays. StretcherPro supports the highest resolution available (1920 x 1200) on the market for single link DVI-D. Each of the four screens displays ¼ of the image in a 2 x 2 format, using real-time scaling.


  • 2 x 2 VGA Digital Signage / Display Wall Controller
  • Supports DVI-D Input
  • Supports Multiple DDC Tables
  • Resolutions up to 1920 x 1200
  • Outputs to Four Screens, Each Showing ¼ of the VGA Image (2 x 2 Format)
  • Supports Analog and DVI LCD Displays
  • Stand-Alone Unit, Requiring no Software or Additional Hardware to be Installed on Your Computer
  • Multiple Units can be Linked for Larger Wall Configuration
  • Video Walls
  • Digital Signage Displays
  • Information Displays
  • Command Centers
  • Control Rooms
  • Simulation Systems
  • Houses of Worship
  • Convention Facilities
  • Theme Parks
  • Resorts
  • Casinos

StretcherPro supports any video input resolution from 800 x 600 up to 1920 x 1200 (high definition). The beauty of this unit is that regardless of the scaling – from one to all four screens – StretcherPro maintains the original resolution quality of your image on all monitors, delivering a crisp, perfect image to your audience every time.

SmartAVI’s StretcherPro is the perfect entry-level display wall solution that has been aggressively priced within the market, without the complexity of external computer control or setup.

Of course, there are times when system architects do look beyond a 2 x 2 video display – shopping mall centerpieces, airport displays, concert events, theme park attraction queues, or nightclub venues, to scratch the surface. StretcherPro is expandable and versatile enough to meet the needs of systems integrators – from modest jobs to more complicated designs.

StretcherPro + Video Wall Systems = THE BIG PICTURE

When used in conjunction with SmartAVI’s video wall systems, StretcherPro can literally expand your vision from a 2 x 2 display to as many as 128 display screens.

Using a 32-port video wall system, you can run each into a StretcherPro unit, giving you a total of 128 screens- not an uncommon solution for very large video wall deployments, but an extremely cost-effective one when StretcherPro is married with our PresenterWall system.

VGA Input 1 x DVI connector. Analog or digital
Display Output 4 x DVI connectors Analog or digital
Gen-Lock input/output 2 x RCA connectors. TTL voltage levels
Cooling The unit contains a cooling fan. The input and output vents should not be restricted.
PSU Physical Dimensions 5 x 2 x 1 in.
(132 x 58 x 30 mm.)
Input Power PS5VDC4A
Output Power PS5VDC4A
Operating Temperature Range 0 -35 degrees C
Requirements 9 -15V DC at 4 amps (max). Requires PSU. (External PSU)
Connector 5 pin DIN
Dimensions 10 x 7 x 2 in.
(248 x 175 x 55 mm.)
Operating Temperature 0 -35 DegC
Model# Description
UXST4S UX-Stretcher: Expand any DVI-D among 4 DVI-I screens.
Includes: [UXST4, (PS5VDC4A)]

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