SuperMatrix MX2

Discontinued. 8×8 VGA, Component AV, stereo audio, IR, and RS-232 signal matrix with enhanced range up to 1,699 feet via CAT5 cabling.


SuperMatrix MX2 provides a high quality and cost effective solution for the distribution of composite video, RGBS, UXGA, YUV, Y/C, CVBS, and stereo audio signals up to 1,699 feet over Cat5e/6/7 structured cabling.

Route up to 32 UXGA video and stereo audio sources to 64 remote monitors and speakers located up to 1,699 ft away using our XT receivers and Cat5 cable. You can also route additional sound sources to external ampliers independently. This is useful if you want to add additional sound sources such as background music or security features.

The full duplex infrared and RS-232 feature gives you full control of both the matrix and all connected displays and devices.

With SuperMatrix MX2 you can:

• Distribute live data such as flight information or financial data.

• Make your digital signage even more effective.

• Make your corporate and educational programming easy to program and access.

IR Features

• Control large groups of TV monitors and AV components from a single location.

• Offers remote users full control over the DVD, VCR, or cable box by selecting a channel from the matrix.

• The IR function is completely transparent and supports any infrared frequency between 20 and 100Khz


  • Routes additional audio signals independently
  • Integrated IR and RS232 router for each station
  • High quality audio and video switching
  • High resolution up to 1920×1200
  • Full duplex infrared and RS-232 control for matrix and connected devices
  • Completely transparent IR function supports all frequencies between 20 and 100Khz
  • PC Windows control software
  • Integral UTP distribution
  • Cable compensation up to 1,699 ft.
  • Compact metal housing for receivers
  • Can be mixed with other video signal (RGB, YUV, RGBS)
  • Supports Dolby 5.1 surround sound
  • HD compatible (480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p)

SuperMatrix MX2 can be used anywhere digital media is displayed including;

Video walls, audio visual presentations, digital signage, shopping centers, airports, security, dealer rooms, point-of-sale, control rooms, and hotels to name a few.

Many leading businesses have already recognized the innovation of SmartAVI’s technologies and have eagerly implemented them.

Video DataAudioPower

Bandwidth 400 MHz
Input Signal Level 1 Volt pk-pk into 75R
Output Impedance 100 Ohms
Input Impedance 75 Ohms
Connector 32 x HD15 socket female
Bandwidth Horizontal Sync up to 85KHz
RS-232 16 x RS232 DB9 Female, TX, RX, GND
Infrared 16 x IR 3.5mm Jack to IR emitter
Front Panel 16 x RJ45 with video, audio and data modulated within single UTP
Signal 15KHz 0dB unbalanced 100 Ohms impedance
Connector RCA or 3.5 Stereo Jack
Voltage 90-230V IEC 1A A/S 56/60 Hz
IR 3.5mm connector with 38khz
DB9 female RS232 or RS422 @ 9600bps
Height 3U (88 mm.)
Width 19 in
Depth 17 in. (450 mm.)
Weight 9 lbs. (4 kg.)

Model#DescriptionCCRS232MF06RS232 cable 6ft male-to-femaleCCMMAMM063.5mm stereo audio cable

SMX-AV3216S Component or UXGA + Audio over CAT5 32×16 Matrix with RS-232 Control. Includes: [SMX-AV3216, CCRS232MF6, SMP-SW & (CCPWR06US)]
SMX-AV6416S Component or UXGA + Audio over CAT5 64×16 Matrix with RS-232 Control. Includes: [SMX-AV6416, CCRS232MF6, SMP-SW & (CCPWR06US)]
SMX-AVD3216S Component or UXGA/Audio + RS-232/IR over CAT5 32×16 Matrix with RS-232 Control. Includes: [SMX-AVD3216, CCRS232MF6, SMP-SW & (CCPWR06US)]
SMX-AVD6416S Component or UXGA/Audio + RS-232/IR over CAT5 64×16 Matrix with RS-232 Control. Includes: [SMX-AVD6416, CCRS232MF6, SMP-SW & (CCPWR06US)]
XTP-RXS UXGA/Audio/RS-232/IR CAT5 Receiver. Includes:[ XTP-RX & (PS5VD1A)]
XTP-RXLS UXGA/Audio/RS-232/IR CAT5 Long Range Receiver. Includes: [XTP-RXL & (PS5VD1A)]
SM-TCPS TCP/IP Control. Includes: [SMTCP, (CCRS232MM ) & (PS5VD1A)]
SM-EYE External Infrared receiver; IR range of 10′ to 30′
RMT-2 Remote Control Device type 2
XTA-RXS XT-AV UXGA/Audio Receiver. Includes: [XTA-RX & (PS5VD1A)]
HDP-RXS Component Video/Audio/RS-232/IR CAT5 Receiver. Includes: [HDP-RX & (PS5VD1A)]
HDP-RXLS Component Video/Audio/RS-232/IR CAT5 1699ft Receiver. Includes:[ HDP-RXL & (PS5VD1A)]
XTP-XTRS UXGA/Audio/RS232/IR CAT5 1699ft Receiver with Remote Control for Skew Testing. Includes: [XTP-XTR, SMRMT, & (PS5VD1A)]
SM-LED IR Emitter 6ft Single LED
SM-TCPS TCP/IP Control for all SmartAVI Matrixes/Routers. Includes: [SMTCP, (CCRS232MM ) & (PS5VD1A)]
SM-RMT Remote Control type 1
SM-CSW GUI software for source/destination selection and name editing for all SmartAVI Matrixes/Routers
CCVGAMM06 6’ male-to-male UXGA cable
CCVGARCAMF01 1’ RCA female-to-VGA cable
CCVGARCAMM06 6′ VGA male-to-RCA Male
CCRCAMM06 6’ RCA male-to-male cable
CCPWR06 6′ power plug cable

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