Discontinued. Access the PC with a keyboard, video, mouse, and audio located up to 500 feet away using a single Cat 5 UTP cable.

  • Provides remote access of the PC with keyboard, mouse and monitor.
  • Uses single CAT-5 UTP cable to reduce installation costs
  • Extends signal to a maximum distance of 500feet
  • Supports all PC/AT and PS/2 keyboards with full emulation
  • Caps Lock, Num Lock, and Scroll Lock are automatically saved and restored.
  • Supports full emulation and conversion on all PC/AT and PS/2 mice
  • Compatible with Windows, NT, OS/2, UNIX, Linux, and other operating systems
  • Supports computer monitors with resolution of up to 1600×1200
  • Offers adjustable cable compensation
  • Compact metal enclosure
  • Supports stereo audio

Enables easy access to one server from remote location. Facilitates data sharing among departments.

Allows a number of network managers to control and access various servers from a remote KVM.

Safeguards the servers by storing them in a secure and climate controlled environment while still providing access from the production floor.

Saves equipment costs, physical space and utilities expense.

Increases productivity by facilitating testing and performance evaluation of software and equipment, on multiple servers, from a single keyboard mouse and monitor station.

Can be used in multimedia presentations, where the presentation information is broadcasted to various KVM.

Video Data Analog Signal: Red, Green, Blue
0.7Vp-p/75 ohms positive
Bandwidth 15KHz
Signal level 0dB unbalanced
Input Impedance 10K ohms
Output Impedance 100 ohms
Connector 3.5mm stereo jack
RS232 Data up to 57,600
Resolution 1600×1200
Bandwidth 200 MHz
Sync TTL Compatible
Front Panel LEDs for each KVM station and power
Software Independent
CPU Connection HD15 female for the video input and output MINIDIN6 female
for the keyboard mouse jack stereo 3.5mm for audio in and out.
System Connection RJ45 connected to CAT5 UTP
Power 5VDC 2A
Supported Hardware
Keyboard PS/2, MAC-ADB, SUN
Mouse PS/2, Wheel Mouse
Monitors VGA, SVGA, XGA and VESA
Height 1.5 in. (3.81 cm.)
Width 6.25 in. (15.87 cm.)
Depth 3.75 in. (9.52 cm.)
Model# Description
SX-200S Video/Audio/PS2 CAT5 Extender. Includes: [SX-TX200, SX-RX200, (CCKVMMM06), & 2 X (PS5VDC2A)]
SX-TX200S Video/Audio/PS2 CAT5 Transmitter. Includes: [SX-TX200, (CCKVMMM06), & (PS5VDC2A)]
SX-RX200S Video/Audio/PS2 CAT5 Receiver. Includes: [SX-RX200 & (PS5VDC2A)]

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