Discontinued. VGA distribution system using CAT5 unshielded twisted pair cabling


The VCAT series is a high resolution VGA distribution system (transmitter and receiver) designed to broadcast desktop video signals over unshielded twisted pair cabling (CAT5) on up to 16 video devices such as desktop monitors, and presentation monitors.

  • Uses easy to install, inexpensive CAT5.
  • Output reaches up to 1,000 feet.
  • Supports high resolution clear video up to 1920×1200.
  • 300 MHz Bandwidth.
  • Sends high-resolution VGA signals and stereo audio to 4 devices up to 1000 feet.
  • Compatible with VGA, XGA, Sun, MAC and SGI Signals.
  • Sync Format / Polarity Preservation.
  • High ground loop immunity.
  • Built-in lightning, power surge and transient protection.
  • Remote Units come with Buffered Outputs.
  • Designated trimmer in the remote unit to compensate for cable length.
  • Metal Case Enclosure.
  • External power supply.


Enhances any presentation from commercial products to corporate financial data. It can be used in show rooms, board rooms, trade shows and window displays.

Data Broadcasting

Data such as news, stock prices, sports results, and flight information can be broadcast in real time to various monitors and/or speakers.

Learning and Training

VCT-400 can be used in educational presentations to multiple locations, in schools and in other training facilities.

Bandwidth 400MHz
Analog signal Level 1 volt
Impedance 75 ohms
Connector High density HD15
Sync TTL horizontal SyncRange: 15 to 130 KHz Vertical Sync Range 30 to 120 Hz
Signal level OdB
Impedance 10K ohms
Connector 3.5 mm jack socket
System Cable
Type Cat5 UTP EIA 568A
Connector RJ45
Requirements 5V DC @500mA
Connector 5×2.1 DC Jack
Model# Description
VCT-400S UXGA, YUV, Y/C Point-To-Multipoint CAT5 Extender, 4-Port Transmitter. Includes: [VCT-TX400, (CCVGAMM06), & (PS5VD2A)]
VCT-RX100S VCT UXGA CAT5 Receiver. Includes: [VCT-RX100 & (PS5VD2A)]

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