Discontinued. Extend high definition VGA video, stereo audio, IR, and RS-232 signals up to 1,799 feet via twisted-pair CAT5 cabling.


SmartAVI’s XTPRO is a high resolution UXGA, stereo audio, IR and RS-232 extender that boosts signals up to 1,799 feet via unshielded twisted pair (UTP) CAT5 cabling.

Powerful, Long-Range CAT5 Extender for HD and Control Signals

The XTPRO XTREEM is one of SmartAVI’s most comprehensive and powerful extension solutions to date. Capable of boosting 1080p (1920×1080) Full HD video and stereo audio signals across long-distances, the XTPRO XTREEM lives up to its label, going to extreme lengths while ensuring high quality distribution. Better yet, the XTPRO XTREEM features IR and RS-232 signal extension, which sends commands to remote devices for enhanced operation like volume adjustment and channel switching.

Affordable Cabling and Easy-to-Install Design

The XTPRO XTREEM utilizes highly affordable CAT5 UTP cabling, which ensures signals are broadcast from source to display at peak quality without compromising performance. Plug-and-play ready, the XTPRO XTREEM integrates easily into existing AV set-ups and requires no technical skill to install: simply connect the units to their respective input-output devices, power them up, and enjoy your boosted AV signal range. A perfect fit for retail stores, hospitals, schools, airports, office spaces, entertainment venues, and more!


  • Integration with other Smart-AVI Products
  • Simple Plug-and-play Setup
  • Boost Professional Audio-Visual Component Signals to 1,799 Feet over cat5
  • Resolutions up to 1080p (1920×1200)
  • Signal Amplification Technology Designed to Extend A/V Signaling Without Data Loss or Degradation
  • Automatic Digital Video Tuning for Optimal Image at all Resolutions
  • Automatic Gain Control for Clean, Strong Signals to Maximum Length
  • Remote Controlled Automatic Skew Adjustment for perfect A/V Signal Timing and Delivery
  • 300 MHz Bandwidth
  • Transmits High-Resolution UXGA and Stereo Audio
  • Compatible with Line Loop Stereo Audio Signals
  • High Ground Loop Immunity
  • Built-In Lighting, Power Surge and Transient Protection
  • Designated Trimmer in the Unit to Compensate for Cable Length
  • Compatible with All Operating Systems – PC/Mac
  • Supports IR and RS-232 Control
  • Compact Metal Casing
  • Automatic Skew Correction Tool Included FREE


  • (1) XTP-TXX transmitter unit
  • (1) XTP-RXX receiver unit
  • (2) Extender unit power supplies
  • (1) Quick Start and Installation Guide
  • Combines with Existing Smart-AVI Products including Splitters, Extenders, Matrixes and High-Definition Routers
  • Large-Scale Multimedia Productions
  • Nightclub/Lounge/Restaurant Design
  • Corporate/Educational Facilities
  • Mass Transit Terminals
  • Video Wall Installations
  • Digital Signage Networks
  • Controlled/Secure CPU Environment
  • Theme Park Design
  • Resort/Casino
  • House of Worship
Video Data
Resolution Up to 1920×1200, VGA, SVGA XGA and SXGA
Connector Type HD15 Socket
Video Control
Perfect skew delay correction
Complete skew control for RGB
Complete control for Contrast
62ns total delay
2ns delay step increments
Calibrations saved in Flash
CAT-5 compensation
Signal Type Stereo unbalanced
Connector 3.5mm jack socket
Requirements 5VDC@5A
Connector 2.1mm DC jack (center+ve)
Dimensions 95mm x 80mm x 23mm
Weight 0.12kg
Qty Description
XTP-RXXS Xtreem UXGA/Audio/RS-232/IR CAT5 1699ft Receiver with Remote Control for Skew Setting. Includes: [XTP-RXX, SMRMT, & (PS5VD2A)]

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