Business & Home Automation

Choose from a wide selection of smart-environment control solutions SmartAVI’s Business & Home Automation Series. The Business & Home Automation Series includes IP-enabled controller hubs, touch-panels, and more! Connect devices throughout any room to one of our controller units for centralized and convenient command. Manage lighting, locks, air conditioning, heating, TVs, stereo systems, and more, all from the convenience of a wall-mounted touchscreen or a PC. With Business & Home Automation solutions powered by SmartAVI, environmental control is at your fingertips!

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Automation & Control

SmartAVI offers controllers ideal for turning any indoor environment into a smart-space. Our modular controller switching hubs allow you to centralize control of electronics throughout your environment, all connecting to touchscreens or a PC via the Internet.


SmartAVI delivers the ultimate is convenient control and smart-environment automation with Touchscreen solutions.  Connect to and command electronics throughout an environment over wireless IP, infrared, or cellular signals, and enjoy easy control with simple custom-made interfaces. From lighting to climate control, SmartAVI Touchscreens put electronic command at the tip of your fingers!