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35-port modular controller hub for infrared, RS-232, GPI, VCA audio, and relay signals!

What is the Maxinitro?

The Maxinitro® is a 35-slot, single-board modular controller switch built for automated environmental control. Featuring IPControl's new Nitro ARM9 processing technology, the Maxinitro offers top-grade power distribution, data-processing, and device command capabilities.

What are the Applications for MaxiNitro?

The Maxinitro excels at centralizing control of various types of devices with its robust set of signal connectors. Users can connect the electronics throughout any indoor environment to the Maxinitro via infrared, relay, RS-232, VCA audio, and more. Once connected, the Maxinitro can be accessed from anywhere in the world over the Internet; using IP-based communication, users can adjust lighting, temperature, audio volume, power distribution, and more with the Maxinitro.


  • 35-Slot modular switching design built to fit your needs
  • Control indoor electronics from a touchscreen or PC-based software via the Internet
  • Supports infrared (IR)
  • Supports relay (RL)
  • Supports RS-232
  • Supports VCA audio
  • Supports GPI
  • Supports MIDI
  • Supports MBC bus
  • Outfitted with powerful ARM9 processor


  • Maxinitro®: 35-Slot Modular Controller Hub
  • (35) Modules -- Available for IR, RL, RS-232, GPI, VCA, MIDI, MBC
  • 12V Power Supply
  • Quick Start Guide & Manual
  • Power distribution
  • Energy consumption management
  • Lighting adjustment
  • Stereo Audio Volume Control
  • Electronic Activation/Deactivation
  • Channel switching
  • ... and more!
Nitro Card Processor : ARM9 400Mhz Memory : 64 Mo RAM Operating system : VITY multitask USB : for updates only Card slot : SD card - not supplied __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ INPUT/OUTPUT Ethernet : 10/100 Mbps, full et half duplex, auto-switch Bus MBC : for communication toward previous generation hardware and touchscreen RS232 : 8x DB9 ports - 2 ports be RS422 configured Infrared : 8x 3.5mm mini-jack output. The outputs can be unidirectional RS232 configurad Inputs : 2x 3.5mm mini-jack - RC5 compatible 1x front panel receiver for code learning Relays : 8x ports on Phoenix terminal block 2 pins GPI : 4x ports on Phoenix terminal block 2 pins VCA : 2x stereo ports (1xinput, 1x output) on Phoenix terminal block 6 pins Can be 2 mono ports configured MIDI : 1x port (1x Rx, 1x Tx) on Phoenix terminal block 6 pins MBC Bus : 2x ports on Phoenix terminal block 3 pins Ethernet : 1x RJ45 port USB : 1x USB type A port __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CONSUMPTION AND CONNECTIONS Tension : 12 VDC - 230VAC > 12VDC adaptator supplied Connector : 2 pins Phoenix Consumption :  15W max _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ENVIRONMENT CONSIDERATIONS Use between 0°C and 50°C __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SIZE AND WEIGHT&lt Size : Rack 19" 1U - 105 mm deep Weight : 1.680 kg _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ OPTIONS RS232-DMX512 : DMX to RS232 gateway - allows control on any product with DMX norm : from Multinitro, Maxinitro and Custo Lan RS KRT : kit 1 power relay 2RT 8A coil 12Vcc support DIN rail for Multinitro and Maxinitro 1 relai de puissance 2RT 8A bobine 12Vcc support rail DIN pour Multinitro et Maxinitro KRAL : power supply 12V for KRT relay coils - Support up to 30 KRT relay coils - DIN rail fastening

Application Diagram:


Model# Description
MAXINITRO 35-Port Modular Controller Hub [Includes: MAXINITRO, Power Supply]
Part No. Description
MAXINITRO 35-Port Modular Controller Hub [Includes: MAXINITRO, 12V Power Supply]