Discontinued.DVI-I (DVI/VGA), Audio, USB, IR, CAT5e/6 or LAN Transmitter.


The KLX-500-DUO-TX is an industrial-strength dual-port DVI-D with VGA support and KVM signal transmitter. Capable of transmitting 1080p HD video to two displays up to 500 feet away via CAT 5/5e/6 cables over LAN, the KLX-500-DUO-TX also allows dual keyboard-mouse operation extension for local and remote real-time system management; great for supervising and managing projects from the convenience of your personal workstation.

KLX-500-DUO-TX is plug-and-play ready for easy set-ups, and chainable with other KLX extenders to connect with workstations over 500 feet away. The KLX-500-DUO-TX is great for consolidating space and workflow alike, so don’t let distance limit your systems: go further with the KLX-500-DUO-TX.


  • Extends KVM operation by 500 feet via LAN (Cat 5/5e/6 cables)
  • Chainable for thousands of feet of extension
  • Supports 2 DVI monitors simultaneously
  • Supports full USB emulation
  • Two audio inputs and outputs
  • Supports local and remote Keyboard, Video, Mouse control operation with two individual KVM devices
  • Supports 1080p up to 1920×1080 resolution at 60Hz
  • Plug-and-Play ready; Industrial enclosure
  • Presentations
  • Conferences
  • Surveillance
  • Remote monitoring
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Video correspondence
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants and digital menus
  • Government
  • Military
Format DVI-D
Resolution Up to 1080p
Interface DVI-I, (4) USB Type A, (2) USB Type B
Input/Output Cable Length Up to 40 ft.
Format Stereo
Interface 3.5mm Jack Socket (female)
Interface RJ-45
Cable Requirements CAT 5/5e/6
Maximum Length 500 ft.”
Power External 100-240 VAC
Dimensions 17.125″W X 3.75″D X 4″H each
Weight 2.5 lbs each
Approvals UL, CE, ROHS Compliant
Operating Temp. 41 to 122°F (5 to 50 °C )
Storage Temp. 32 to 149°F (0 to 65 °C )
Humidity Up to 85% RH (no condensation)
Part No. Description
KLX-500-DUO-TXS DVI-I (DVI/VGA), Audio, USB, IR, CAT5e/6 or LAN Transmitter.
Includes: [KLX-500-DUO-TX, PS5VD2A]

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