Extend as many as 16 DVI-D signals over Cat6 STP cables up to 225 feet from a single rack mountable unit.

  • Top Image Quality at all Resolutions
  • Video Resolutions up to 1920×1200 @ 60Hz
  • User-Selectable: DCC Information Used From the Remotely-located Monitor, From the Local Monitor or From an Internal DDC Table
  • Distances of 225 Feet Using Cat6 23AWG STP Cables
  • Compatible With all Operating Systems
  • Compatible With all Major KVM Switches
  • Multiple Rack Mounting Option

Industrial Work Areas

In industrial work areas that may be too harsh for a workstation computer, the RK-DVX200 can consolidate the computers into a safe location.

Information Kiosks/Displays

As with most information booths and kiosks, there is a risk of damage or theft. The RK-DVX200 is the best way to secure computer hardware by consolidating it to a secure location away from publis access.

Digital Signage

For easy access to a digital signage network, the RK-DVX200 is an excellent deployment option. With the RK-DVX200, up to 16 digital signage devices can be centralized and secured from public access.


In the medical field where sensitive electronic devices are frequently used, isolating workstation computers can be a matter of safety. The RK-DVX200 allows the workstation computers to be housed in a central location, away from those sensitive devices.

RK-DVX200 Specifications
Video Data DVI
Resolution 1920×1200 @ 60H, Resolution up to 1280×1024 min. 75H
Power Supply Universal Switchmode PSU (90-240V Input) 5VDC
Input Interface DVI-D (Single Link)
Upgradable Onboard Flash
Dimensions 17″ W x 3.5″ H x 3.25″ D
Part Number Description
RK-DVX-TX4S Powered Rack/Chassis with DVI-D CAT6 STP Transmitter, 4 Card Package. Includes: [RK-DVX-TX4 & CCPWR06]
RK-DVX-TX8S Powered Rack/Chassis with DVI-D CAT6 STP Transmitter, 8 Card Package. Includes: [RK-DVX-TX8 & CCPWR06]
RK-DVX-TX16S Powered Rack/Chassis with DVI-D CAT6 STP Transmitter, 16 Card Package. Includes: [RK-DVX-TX16 & CCPWR06]


End Point Ordering Information

Part Number Description
DVX-RX200S DVI-D Receiver over Cat6 STP. Includes: [DVX-RX200 & (PS5VDC2A)]
DVX-TX200S DVI-D Transmitter over Cat6 STP. Includes [DVX-TX200 & (PS5VDC2A)]

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