SmartAVI Introduces Affordable HDMI KVM Extenders!

SmartAVI is thrilled to introduce its new HDMI, USB 2.0, and Audio KVM Extenders: the HDX-LT and HFX-LT Extenders with ultra-low latency and optional repeating to accommodate longer distances.

The HDX-LT and HFX-LT are Single-Head HDMI USB 2.0, USB keyboard-mouse and stereo audio extenders, sending signals over conventional and inexpensive CAT5/5E/6 or dual fiber cables. They feature 3840 x 2160, USB 2.0 and full KVM extension on one cohesive system and are optimized for Full HD monitors with crystal-clear picture: excellent for detail-driven work.

For handling content in high-security environments and managing signal path, fidelity, and visibility, SmartAVI’s new line of KVM extenders can help keep equipment distant yet powerfully connected. Both extenders can be used for a variety of applications, including Digital Signage, Security, PC Networking, Conference Center Systems, Point of Sale, Camera Surveillance, Video Phones, Control Room Systems, Recording Studios, and more.

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