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DISCONTINUED: replaced by SMTCP-2.

Our SMTCP device allows you to control our entire line of video matrix products over the Internet from anywhere in the world.

SMTCP is no longer in production at SmartAVI.

Please see SMTCP-2 for the newest version of this product.

  • Supports HTTP and Telnet protocol
  • 10/100 Ethernet interface.
  • Password Protected
  • Up to 5 users can control the matrixes
  • Ip configuration via tcp/ip and RS232
The SmartAVI SMTCP Matrix Control is the ideal solution for any application where information from many computers is being presented, such as:
  • Digital Signage
  • Trade shows
  • Courtrooms
  • Classrooms
  • Conference and entertainment facilities
  • Command centers
  • Boardrooms
  • Control rooms
60MHz internal Bus
256-Kbyte Flash
32-Kbyte RAM
Serial (3) UART Serial Ports with DMA Capability
Power 5V Operation
This is an example of what a setup would look like. For more detailed information on specific models, call the number to the right side of your screen. SMTCP Matrix Accessory Diagram
Qty Description
1 SMTCP device
1 AC Power Adapter (varies by region)
1 RS232 to RS422 converter
1 Serial male to male crossed cable